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In today’s market where 84% of car buyers find their chosen dealer on the Internet, competition is fierce to say the least. That’s why it’s imperative to maximize every opportunity when they arise. Having the right options at your fingertips to secure a loan for your prospective customer is paramount. In a world where clients demand answers in an instant, you must have every possible option available when you need it, and that’s where F&I Outsource comes in. F&I Outsource has a full time team of highly experienced and successful F&I experts to structure and secure the best possible loan for your client, and through technology we make the buying experience fast and enjoyable. The way consumers shop for cars today has dramatically changed, but the way cars are sold have not. F&I Outsource puts the dealer on the cutting edge to maximize every sales opportunity. Regardless of the consumer, we can have an offer on the table before the client returns from their test drive.
F&I Outsource brings innovation and immediate service to the dealership. This allows the Independent Dealer to turn their inventory faster, sell more vehicles and place more loans. Bottom Line: The dealership becomes more efficient and more profitable.
F&I’s mission overall is to deliver complete customer satisfaction and results for the Dealer. At F&I Outsource, everybody drives.

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