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ANDREA ELMARSRI was born in Romania and played sports in Europe. She came to America as a Physical Therapist in 2000. Andreia’s career in the Auto Industry started in Florida at one of the largest dealer groups in the state. Andreia was promoted rapidly throughout her career from salesperson to floor closer. She continued her upward career path in 2002 and worked for one of the largest Auto Dealer Groups in the US, moving to their corporate office in Houston, Texas. Andreia thrived in F&I at one of the largest volume Nissan franchise stores in Arizona. She attended the company’s school of finance in Salt Lake City, Utah. Andreia was promoted to director of finance in 2007 where she handled all credit challenged transactions. In 2011 Andreia made her way to Massachusetts and opened her own dealership with her husband Pierre where they have been successfully doing business for the past 16 years. In addition to her busy schedule she has managed to bring up 3 children and has learned to fluently speak 4 languages Romanian, Arabic, Spanish and English. Andreia has extensive knowledge and experience working out solutions for all types of credit situations. F&I Outsource is delighted to have Andreia on the team.

Kate Zahner

Kate Zahner is a seasoned professional and has been successful in the automotive industry since her entry in sales over a decade ago. She has been in the auto industry for 12 years. Kate worked for the Prime Motor Group one of the largest Dealer Groups in the United States and the Barry Motors Group as well. Kate began her career as a sales person and worked her way up to the Finance manager in a large volume store for most of her 12year career. She prides herself on going the extra mile to secure the best possible financing available for her customers and providing her customers the ability to purchase the vehicle of their choice. Kate enjoys running, CrossFit training and ice hockey. She is a mother of 3, and is actively involved in various youth sports, such as football, hockey and track. F&I Outsource is delighted to have Kate on the team.

JERRY CADORETTE has been in the Automotive Industry for 21 years. He has an accomplished career in finance and has been a General Manager in high volume stores on the Auto Mile in Massachusetts for 14 of those 21 years. Jerry has worked and has relationships with dozens of lending institutions. He has the ability to acquire financing for any and all credit situations. He’s also considered an expert at obtaining loans for people with repos, bankruptcies, foreclosures and charge offs. Jerry say’s “All customers deserve a second chance, and I’ll find a way to make that happen.” He is a father of 4 and comes from a professional sports background. He’s a graduate of the University of Arkansas where he played football, and ultimately played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers where he played until a career ending injury. Today, Jerry continues his winning ways through competitive arm wrestling where he has won 7 world championship titles and is currently ranked #2 in the world. He plans on being #1 again in 2018. Jerry’s passion for excellence goes beyond the athletic front, but with making sure “I fight equally hard for my customers to obtain the best financing possible and get them the vehicle of their choice.” F&I Outsource is delighted to have Jerry on the team.

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