The F&I Outsource Story

The F&I Outsource Story began as many success stories do… with a need. Most Franchise stores have the good fortune of dealing with automakers that have all types of programs and dealer incentives. All of which come with a variety of perks that the small Independent Dealer just doesn’t have. One of those is their own in house F&I department. The small Independent Dealer many times is a one-man show. He or she does it all; buys the car at auction, rehabs the vehicle, sells the vehicle and then they have to put on their banking hat to finalize the deal. While some can pull this off, many just don’t have the time, expertise to chase banks, or are not positioned with lending institutions to make it work. There are other Independent Store owners that cannot afford to pay an F&I manager the wage that they’re used to receiving in a Franchise store. So what happens? The small Independent Dealer instructs the buyer to secure his or her own financing and come back with a check for the vehicle. Well… some do, but many don’t. If there were only a way to secure financing for the customer before they leave the store, this would be an absolute game changer.
Through F&I outsource… the game has officially changed. The small Independent Dealer today can actually be more efficient and more cost effective than the big guys. F&I Outsource acts as your own personal F&I department without the cost. We only contract with seasoned professionals that have stellar records and decades of accomplished experience in big box stores. The Independent Dealer can now tap into that kind of expertise without paying the price of a big salary and they can do it in record time. When we saw the need for this service, we saw a way whereby we could sell our products through our own F&I managers which is what we want and at the same time, deliver a service to those dealers who get what they want.
Now here is the best part. The F&I Outsource service is FREE. 

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