Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get funded?

Funding happens the same way in which you receive funds from a bank. We wire the money for the vehicle directly into your account.

Who registers the vehicle?

The dealer registers the vehicle once the bank approves funding. However you currently register vehicles is how you should proceed.

Who explains the paperwork to the customer?

Your dedicated F&I expert is responsible to review all necessary paperwork with your customer along with making sure the customer signs and understands what they are responsible for.

How long does it take?

If the customer provides all proper stipulations that the bank requires, using F&I Outsource can speed up the process by getting your customer in the vehicle faster which in turn gets you funded quicker.

How does F&I Outsource make money?

Our objective first and foremost is to secure the best possible loan for your customer and you. We only benefit from a loan if there are aftermarket products on the loan (warranty, etc.). We do have a documentation fee of $395 on every loan we process. This is paid by the customer in the loan itself. This documentation fee covers our expense of processing your loan along with couriers picking up and dropping off paperwork. In short, the real money we make is on products not process.