• The customer clicks the online Link and fills out a short credit form 

  • Moments later the dealer receives a call from their personal F&I manager

  • The Dealer provides the F&I manager with the VIN and vehicle information via a quick form

  • Immediately your F&I manager begins to structure the best deal available

  • The F&I manager will contact the customer if there are loan stipulations

  • The F&I manager contacts the customer and reviews the financing

  • The Dealer receives instant updates by phone or email on the application


  • Customer receives three options to choose from after the dealer reviews

  • Customer chooses the plan that’s right for them

  • The breakdown is sent to the dealer for approval to proceed

  • The Dealer is informed the loan has been placed

  • All required paperwork for loan financing is generated

  • F&I manager provides the dealer with plan options that were presented to the customer

  • Financial paperwork is signed by the customer

  • Vehicle is registered by dealer

  • Your customer drives away with a car that has the best financing possible with the added protection of a quality service contract (one that will actually work)

  • F&I Outsource sends a thank you letter and contact info to the customer on behalf of the Dealership

How it all works

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